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Get advice on sanitation options.  Sanitation is a process of complete and regular disinfection of the water cooler and drinking fountain.


Canaletas has a sanitation system specifically developed for their water coolers and drinking fountains in order to achieve maximum hygienic safety.


Sanitation is a process of disinfecting the interior and exterior of the coolers and drinking fountains. The goal is to eliminate any microorganisms that may develop inside the water cooler (tanks and water connections),the water jets or taps for a higher quality water with more hygienic safety for the consumer.


It is mandatory for members of the European Water Coolers and Drinking fountains Associations that look after quality and safety of products supplied to end users.
Under these rules, water coolers and drinking fountains have to be sanitized on a regular basis and through a system whose effectiveness has been certified, although no norm or European directive forced to perform.

Sanitary System Canaletas CANVAP

Canaletas has been a pioneering company in Europe in developing a process which gives effective sanitation, quickly and safely. CANVAP sanitation system is done by steam, so that within seconds the temperature reaches 85 °C inside the water coolers and drinking fountains and they are disinfected in a few minutes. It is performed by technicians who follow the procedure set out in the sanitation protocol.

Canaletas CANVAP Certification System

The laboratory of Dr. Oliver Rodes (specializing in water analysis) has conducted extensive tests that verify the effectiveness of CANVAP sanitation system and has worked with Canaletas in the development of a sanitation protocol.


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Canaletas is a pioneer manufacturer in Europe with over 55 years experience in the design and manufacture of a wide range of drinking water fountains and water coolers.
Fullfils standard 98/83/EC:
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The new Canaletas M-99IDOP model drinking water fountain is adapted to the demanding health measures of today. It is a “hands-free” drinking water fountain specially designed to refill 0.5 litre bottles, eliminating the use of plastic cups.
Canaletas has had several consecutive years of growth in invoicing, and is also pleased to celebrate its 55th anniversary this year. The manufacturer, with headquarters in Barcelona, has specialised in the production of water coolers since being founded in 1965, and is one of the leading manufacturers in this sector in Europe.
Canaletas participated in this study, carried out by Laboratorio Dr. Oliver Rodés, which included the analysis of several of its water coolers. This project was promoted by the Association of Water Cooler Distributors and Bottlers (ADEAC). - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat
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