Canaletas Fuentes y dispensadores de agua

Filters Accessories

Different types of filters and a variety of accessories.

A range of filters to improve water quality. Attachable cup holders for easy and comfortable access. Special sanitation systems for both water coolers and drinking fountains. Accessories are carefully selected to ensure an excellent quality of water in your home or office..
Each filter works in a different way, therefore filters are selected depending on the model of the cooler, the quality of the water and working pressure.
The ultraviolet eliminates microorganisms.
Cup dispenser can be attached directly to the water cooler or wall mounted. Made from stainless steel A-304. Plastic cups are compatible with cup dispenser.
Get advice on sanitation options.  Sanitation is a process of complete and regular disinfection of the water cooler and drinking fountain.
Purifying filters are specially designed for household use.  A complete reverse osmosis purification set. A special elegant faucet head for the Minicool model. - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat
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