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Water and health

Water and health

Hydration is health.
We are recommended to drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day to remain healthy. Water is an essential component of all living things. The body is composed of more than 50% water. If we lost only 10% of our bodies water, we will in great danger.

Water Features

The roles played by this vital fluid in our body are as follows:[water filters, water balance] * It is the medium by which body fluids are diluted, i.e., blood, digestive secretions and urine.
  • It facilitates the transport of nutrients to cells and expulsion of waste matter.
  • Aids in digestion by diluting the nutrients.
  • Helps maintain body temperature.
  • Important for the bodies filtration system, such as kidney.

Hydration is health
  • Drinking enough water has great health benefits:
  • The kidneys produce more urine and more translucent, therefore there is less risk of kidney stones.
  • At the intestinal level facilitates the fractionation of nutrients and elimination of feces with less effort.
  • The blood is cleaned of waste substances.

Water balance

An estimated 2.5 liters of water is lost daily, this occurs in normal physiological processes: breathing, sweating, urine and feces. If the water intake is insufficient, the body decreases the amount eliminated by the kidneys, which causes the urine to be more concentrated and subjected the kidneys to various disorders caused by dehydration.

The daily water balance is achieved when there is no variation in the mass of water in the body, with that the intake must be equal to the output. To achieve this balance we must drink 1.5 liters of drinking water, and thus balance the losses. 

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