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Canaletas promotes universal design, accessible for everyone

Canaletas promotes universal design, accessible for everyone

Water coolers. News 03/01/2019
Within the range of drinking water fountains that Canaletas manufactures, there are various models for people with disabilities or reduced mobility; it is also one of the few water fountain manufacturers that offers models designed for this group.
These models comply with regulations on accessibility in effect in Spain. Order VIV/561/2010 of the 1st of February develops the technical document on basic accessibility conditions and non-discrimination for the access and use of urbanised public spaces, and in article 27 specifically addresses drinking water fountains, indicating:

a) Having at least one outlet placed at a height of between 0.80m and 0.90m. The outlet operating mechanism will be easy to use.

b) Having an area for use which allows a 1.50m diameter circle free of obstacles for turning.

c) Preventing the accumulation of water. When grilles are used, these will fulfil the criteria established in article 12.

Although in principle this regulation is only applicable to water fountains located in public spaces, there are autonomous communities such as Andalusia which indicate that when there is not a specific regulation, the minimum requirements established in the regulation on public spaces will be applied. This is precisely what has occurred in the case of water fountains.
It must be noted that if only one type of water fountain is installed and it is not accessible, the right of equal opportunities may be violated due to lack of accessibility (as set out in Royal Decree Law 1/2013),for example by children, people with short stature, wheelchair users, etc.

However, and in accordance with our extensive experience, it is notable that the majority of drinking water fountains installed are not accessible. It should be the contrary, with accessible water fountains being the main choice; however, we can state that this unfortunately continues to be an exception. We are confident that this situation is changing.

Canaletas is continuing its commitment to manufacturing and offering its clients accessible water fountains, and has recently expanded its range of drinking water fountains with outlets which can be used simultaneously by children and people with disabilities.

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