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Canaletas is a pioneer manufacturer in Europe with over 55 years experience in the design and manufacture of a wide range of drinking water fountains and water coolers.
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Canaletas water coolers are installed in more that 200 schools in France

Canaletas water coolers are installed in more that 200 schools in France

Canaletas manufacture specific models of water coolers and drinking water fountains to cater to needs of children
One of the objectives of the initiative step is to teach children the importance that water has to their health, considering that 18% of French youth are obese.

El Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona),6 October 2008

Launching its initiative in four regions as a 'pilot'. Canaletas, a company that focuses on designing and manufacturing of all types of water coolers and drinking fountains, thus started installing drinking water fountains into French schools. A hundred schools were installed with drinking water fountains last year by Canaletas staff, who in 2008 had become 100 more.

The French administration which is concerned about the health of children and especially the problem of childhood obesity, is making a special effort to enhance the desirability of drinking water in schools.

Canaletas distributor in France, HEXOTOL, along with the French firm water supply in Paris, have launched a project to equip many French schools with water fountains. This project began in Alsace, Ile-de-France, Lorraine and the northern Pas-de-Calais. These are the regions where childhood obesity is the highest in France, and aims to extend to all other regions of the country Gallo. One purpose of this initiative is to provide children with an adequate nutritional education, inculcating the benefits that water poses to their health.
According to a study published by the Obesity Task Force (IOTF),in Europe one in five children are overweight or obese. The experts highlighted in this report a rapid acceleration in the increase of overweight and obesity. It has increased from 0.2% in the 70´s to 2% per year at present, that is to say, each year the number of overweight or obese Young Europeans increases by 400,000. In this context, France occupies an intermediate position in relation to other European countries.

As seen in this study, 18% of French children are overweight and of these, about 4% are obese. In Spain, overweight children and young people represent 26% of children and youth. One of the recommendations of the Spanish Food Safety Agency (EASA) to deal with this situation happens to prevent children consuming sugary drinks, while supporting that water is the best drink for the health of children.
Canaletas drinking fountains for schools have been selected from numerous manufacturers, with its special suitability for children of all ages. It has taken particular account of the security they provide for young children and their ease of use thanks to very flexible buttons, their robustness for teenagers, plus the durability in them. Another decisive factor has been the safety certificates. Which are prepared by external accredited laboratories at European level, which guarantee the quality and safety of the product and experience in the business sector Canaletas.

The company's general director, Jordi Morera, explained that the campaign has been very success with the neighboring countries schools and thinks that challenging child obesity is a commendable effort, and should be imitated by companies and public agencies involved in early childhood education. For Jordi Morera "water is undoubtedly the best drink to promote health, especially for children, as it represents the healthiest way of hydration without caloric intake, or added sugars."
Canaletas is a company based in El Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona),for over 40 years it has been designing and manufacturing all kinds of water coolers and drinking water fountains. Since its founding, the firm has been distinguished for its innovative character and this commitment has helped Canaletas in developing innovative projects.

About Canaletas

Canaletas is a family run company founded in 1965, which focuses on the design and manufacture of all types of water coolers and drinking fountains. Its headquarters are based in El Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona),the company has different branches throughout the country and a distribution network covering the majority of European countries, while exporting to many different areas around the world.

Currently, Canaletas is the most experienced manufacturer of water coolers and drinking water fountains in Europe and is characterized by its innovative spirit, this can be seen by the numerous patents that have been registered throughout its 45 year history. The company is now run by the second generation and is notable for the quality of its products that stand the test of time and offer a "life cycle" superior to most other water coolers and drinking water fountains on the market.

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