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Canaletas introduces new water cooler for home use

Canaletas introduces new water cooler for home use

This water cooler provides instant cold water and has characteristics that make it a unique system on the market.
It is accompanied by an activated carbon filter that removes bad tastes and odors that may be present in the water like chlorine and significantly improves taste.

El Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona),24 July 2007

Canaletas is a company based in El Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona),for over 45 years it has been designing and manufacturing all kinds of water coolers and drinking water fountains. Since its founding, the firm has been distinguished for its innovative character and this commitment has helped Canaletas in developing innovative projects and proof of this it is evident in the high number of patents they have.

In the same way, the company has launched a new water cooler onto the market, it is especially designed for home use, but its use is equally suitable for kitchens or canteens, schools and bars, among many other sites.

In detail, it is a stainless steel equipment of small dimensions that is installed under the counter and whose main advantage is that water is always cold from the first instance, which is no longer necessary to fill bottles and store in refrigerator to provide chilled water. This also prevents water from acquiring bad tastes, either from the plastic packaging or the other foods that might be in the fridge.

There is also the option to equip it with a activated carbon filter that removes chlorine tastes of tap water and the smells and all substances that leave the water with bad tastes or smells. Thus, the water is always in optimal drinking conditions.

For the general director of Canaletas, Jordi Morera, "it is a very practical system for consumers, since many of them do not like the taste of the water delivered to their homes and also for cold drinking needs to be kept in the refrigerator. Our coolers put an end to this demand, since it solves both issues by offering convenience and savings. Thus, it is no longer necessary to go to the supermarket to buy water and, unlike reverse osmosis equipment, this system does not waste water, maintains healthy digestion and has a much lower cost. "

This water cooler is characterized by its very small dimensions (27x28x28 cm) and is designed to be placed under the counter in the kitchen, dining, recreation rooms and canteens, among many other sites. It is installed with a swan neck filler on the counter, which allows you to fill jugs or glasses directly, it permits the separate water use, that which has been treated by the water cooler for drinking or cooking, from the water which is intended for general use in the home . Despite its small size, this water cooler has a unique ability to cool through the efforts of the R & D department in Canaletas, who have designed a special water tank configuration that is coupled to a cooling system using the technique "roll bond". Due to its characteristics, this is a unique product on the market.

About Canaletas

Canaletas is a family run company founded in 1965, which focuses on the design and manufacture of all types of water coolers and drinking water fountains. Its headquarters are based in El Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona),the company has different branches throughout the country and a distribution network covering the majority of European countries, while exporting to many different areas around the world.

Currently, Canaletas is the most experienced manufacturer of water coolers and drinking water fountains in Europe and is characterized by its innovative spirit, this can be seen by the numerous patents that have been registered throughout its 45 year history. The company is now run by the second generation and is notable for the quality of its products that stand the test of time and offer a "life cycle" superior to most other water coolers and drinking fountains on the market.

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