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Canaletas is a pioneer manufacturer in Europe with over 55 years experience in the design and manufacture of a wide range of drinking water fountains and water coolers.
Fullfils standard 98/83/EC:
Quality of water intended human consumption
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Security certification a priority at Canaletas

Comply with the Spanish standard UNE 149101 – which establishes the sanitary criteria for the quality of water intended for human consumption.
Spanish water cooler manufacturer Canaletas is the first company in Spain to comply with the Spanish standard UNE 149101 – which establishes the sanitary criteria for the quality of water intended for human consumption, in accordance with the requirements of Directive 98/83 /EC.

To comply with this standard, it has been necessary to certify more than 100 microbiological and physicochemical parameters to ensure that Canaletas water coolers do not negatively modify the composition of water. This certification has been carried out by Barcelona-based Laboratorio Dr Oliver-Rodés, an accredited external laboratory specialising in water analysis.

In addition, Canaletas offers the steam-based Canvap sanitising method for its coolers, developed in cooperation with Laboratorio Dr Oliver-Rodés. In 2005, Canaletas was the first company in Europe to obtain the Watercoolers Europe (WE) certificate for effectiveness in removing biofilm and was one of the first to overcome the ‘Challenge test: effectiveness of sanitation’ focused on the destruction of Pseudomonas áeruginosa. Canaletas is one of the few manufacturers in Europe that holds both WE Sanitation
Testing Protocols certificates for its water coolers.

To guarantee the safety of the coolers as electrical appliances, Canaletas certifies its products according to the standards established by the International Electrotechnical Commision: 60335-2-24 .Part 2-24 (Particular requirements for refrigerant appliances, icecream appliances and ice makers). The test has been carried out by the external laboratory Tecnocert that is
accredited by ENAC. This IEC standard is recognised by more than 85 countries for the free trade of products.

Fulfilling the requirements of this IEC standard, Canaletas ensures that users are not exposed to thermal,mechanical, electrical or electromagnetic risks. This standard also verifies that the user manual and installation instructions are clear and inform the precautions to be taken by the user.

Drinking fountains under this IEC standard comply with the climate class IT T: Tropical (highest climate class) which ensures that they are designed to be used in tropical countries where temperature and humidity is very high.
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Security certification a priority at Canaletas
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