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Press releases about Canaletas news regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

Press about Canaletas regarding COVID-19

Press releases about Canaletas news regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.


Increased demand for “HANDS-FREE” drinking water fountains

After the outbreak of the crisis caused by coronavirus, the water cooler manufacturing company Canaletas has noted a significant increase in demand for “hands-free” drinking water fountains which do not need to be touched by users’ hands for operation. This increase in demand comes from both Spain and different European countries.

In these “hands-free” models of drinking water fountains, the water is activated by pressing a stainless steel pedal integrated on the fountain, or by a remote sensor on the front. Canaletas has extensive experience with this type of fountain, as it has manufactured them for many companies for decades, above all in the food and pharmaceutical sectors, which follow very strict hygiene standards.

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Canaletas designs a pedal to update the already installed drinking fountains

o satisfy the new demands of the market in the era of COVID-19, Canaletas has designed and launched the “Pedal Kit” on the market, an accessory which allows the use of drinking fountains without needing to touch them with the hands.

To satisfy the new demandsof the market in the era of COVID-19, the drinking water fountain manufacturer Canaletas,has designed and launched the “Pedal Kit” on the market in record time,an accessory which can be attached to drinking fountains, allowing their use without the need to touch them with the hands. “We have developed a solution so that clients who have installed a Canaletas fountain can now easily update and adapt it to the new hygiene needs”, explains Jordi Morera, Director General of Canaletas.

The pedal kit system is very easy to install – either the client or Canaletas technical personnel can do it. It is attached to the side of the drinking fountain without the need to attach it to the ground, and can be uninstalled at any time.

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Recommendations for using drinking fountains safely against COVID-19

Even so, Canaletas reminds all uses that the safest and most hygienic way to use water coolers for drinking or filling cups or other containers is with the water jet sending the water upwards.

This is for several reasons:
-  The jet is protected by a guard so that the mouth cannot reach it.
-  Any container must be refilled in the section of the jet of water that is falling. It is physically impossible to do so touching the jet. 
-  The outward flow of water prevents any bacteria or virus being able to return through the water. 
-  The unused water goes directly to the drain. In the case of drinking water fountains with cup fillers or bottle fillers, they may be used safely if care is taken not to touch the end of the tube to the mouth of the bottle. 

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About Us
European manufacturer since 1965
Canaletas is a pioneer manufacturer in Europe with over 55 years experience in the design and manufacture of a wide range of drinking water fountains and water coolers.
Fullfils standard 98/83/EC:
Quality of water intended human consumption
The Spain Pavilion is a showcase for Spain's productive and creative industries. Leading companies from a wide range of sectors have been chosen for the equipment.  
The new Canaletas M-99IDOP model drinking water fountain is adapted to the demanding health measures of today. It is a “hands-free” drinking water fountain specially designed to refill 0.5 litre bottles, eliminating the use of plastic cups.
Canaletas has had several consecutive years of growth in invoicing, and is also pleased to celebrate its 55th anniversary this year. The manufacturer, with headquarters in Barcelona, has specialised in the production of water coolers since being founded in 1965, and is one of the leading manufacturers in this sector in Europe.
Canaletas participated in this study, carried out by Laboratorio Dr. Oliver Rodés, which included the analysis of several of its water coolers. This project was promoted by the Association of Water Cooler Distributors and Bottlers (ADEAC). - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat
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