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Bottle water cooler Canaletas  M-33

Bottle water coolers SERIES 3

Small tabletop cooler, ideal for consultations, offices, kitchens...
  • Easy installation: only requires an electrical connection.
  • With a compact design, to be situated on any kitchen surface, meeting rooms...
  • Approximate capacity of up to 15 - 20 users.
  • Rectangular design for more durability.
  • Superior quality. Made from A-304 stainless steel.
  • Easily regulated water temperature (thermostat).
  • Made to be used with smaller bottles in order to save space and more comfort.
  • Easy to remove drip tray.
  • Optional cup dispenser. Optional refillable bottle.


Cold tap.
Room temperature tap.
Conform to electrical safety standards
Conform to sanitation standards
VOLTAGE 230 V 50 Hz single-phase (A) (Consult other options)0.5
WATER OUTPUT TEMPERATURE (ºC)(Regulated by thermostat)4 - 11
WEIGHT (kg)13



For easily accessible cups.
Vertical column design.
Made entirely of stainless steel.
Attachable to water coolers series 1, 3 and 7 or to the wall.
For the Series 3, attachment to the wall is recommended in order to economize on space.
High capacity: 95 x 220ml cups.
With a view of the last cups, in order to replace them in time.


220ml plastic cups.
Transparent plastic cups.
Compatible with cup dispenser.


Reusable bottles.
Permitting the use of a desired brand of water and not having to depend on external suppliers.
Bottles of 12.7 or 18.9 liters.
The great advantage of the 12.7 liter is its lower weight and, due to this, its ease to place on the water cooler.
For the series 3 the 12.7 litre bottle is recommended for its smaller size.
Made from polycarbonate.

After Sales Service

Canaletas After Sales Service or an authorized distributor, can offer a complete maintenance of the water cooler including the CANVAP sanitation system

What is sanitation ?
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About Us
European manufacturer since 1965
Canaletas is a pioneer manufacturer in Europe with over 55 years experience in the design and manufacture of a wide range of drinking water fountains and water coolers.
Fullfils standard 98/83/EC:
Quality of water intended human consumption
Canaletas has been selected by the organization to provide water to thousands of traveling fans, installing water fountains in the parks closest to the stadiums.
The Spain Pavilion is a showcase for Spain's productive and creative industries. Leading companies from a wide range of sectors have been chosen for the equipment.  
The new Canaletas M-99IDOP model drinking water fountain is adapted to the demanding health measures of today. It is a “hands-free” drinking water fountain specially designed to refill 0.5 litre bottles, eliminating the use of plastic cups.
Canaletas has had several consecutive years of growth in invoicing, and is also pleased to celebrate its 55th anniversary this year. The manufacturer, with headquarters in Barcelona, has specialised in the production of water coolers since being founded in 1965, and is one of the leading manufacturers in this sector in Europe. - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat
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