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Perfect combination of elegance and practical.

- For those who require the benefits of a durable drinking fountain with an elegant design.
- Elegant circular top plate structure with an attractive design.
- Requires water supply, drainage and electrical connection.
- Made externally and internally of A-304 stainless steel.
- Hygienic water jet outlet protection.
- Easily regulated cold water temperature (thermostat).
- Furthermore the possibility to drink with cups for the models with cup filler (LV).
- The installation of a purification filter is recommended for better water quality.


Cold water jet operated by push button.

Cold water jet operated by push button and cup filler (LV).
Cold water from both.

logoce Certified by an external laboratory: subject to extensive testing to ensure user safety. asociacionebwa Conform to sanitation standards

VOLTAGE 230 V 50 Hz single-phase (A) 0.9
WATER OUTPUT TEMPERATURE (ºC) (Regulated byt thermostat) 4 - 11
REFRIGERAN GAS (CFC - free) R-134a
WATER TANK CAPACITY (L) (Optional: stainless steel direct chill) 4.5

Model M-6ARO

Model M-6AROLV


An active carbon water filter is recommended in order to obtain optimum water conditions, thanks to the elimination of bad tastes and smells like that of chlorine and small particles or contaminants that can be present in water.



Plastic housing and cartridge C-115.
Maximum pressure 8 Kg. / cm³
½ inch water supply.

Stainless steel housing and cartridge C-115.
High pressure tested, up to 21kg / cm³ (especially with sudden increases in water pressure).
½ inch water supply.
Spare cartridge for filters M-105 y M-115.
This cartridge is specially selected by Canaletas for its drinking fountains, for their high quality and performance because these fountains require a high filtering capacity.
Active carbon block cartridge with 5µm filtration and a working life of more than 22,000 liters of water or approx. 1-year duration.
Combines the functions of a sediment filter, that eliminates the small particles that could be in the water, along with the properties of active carbon for possible bad tastes and smells.
The polypropylene pre-filtering layer extends the cartridge life.

Canaletas recommends changing the cartridge of the purification filter once a year, especially before summer, but it could be more often depending on water quality and degree of use.

What is sanitation?
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About us

Canaletas has more than 45 years of experience in the manufacture of water coolers, drinking fountains and water dispensers, all made from stainless steel, well known for their high quality and multiple features.

historia Canaletas


Canaletas certifies the quality of their water coolers
Canaletas, the water cooler and drinking fountain manufacturer, is the first Spanish company to certify the quality of their water coolers by fulfilling the UNE 149101 regulations, as this company announced. Their water coolers do not alter water composition.
Launches electronic sparkling water dispensers
The consumption of sparkling water is well-established in many European countries, as is the use of water dispensers to serve it.
Canaletas Jordi Morera will lead El Prat Empresarial
A group of businessmen in El Prat de Llobregat has formed El Prat Empresarial, whose target is to represent the companies of the municipality
Canaletas modernizes their Brand image
The company based in Barcelona, that manufactures drinking fountains, water coolers and water dispensers since 1965, is modernizing their image, keeping the personality of the original logo of a consolidated company.
Canaletas provides drinking water in more than 50 countries
After 45 years manufacturing and distributing water coolers and drinking fountains in the Spanish market, Canaletas expects to increase its export quota in the coming years.
Canaletas, 45 Year Anniversary
Nearly half a century presenting Canaletas and Barcelona to the rest of the world. 45 years have passed since 1965 when José Maria Morera, founder of the business, registered the name Canaletas for the drinking fountains that were beginning to be manufactured and commercialized.
Canaletas aumenta sus exportaciones un 45%
La compañía con sede en Barcelona, que fabrica fuentes de agua desde 1965, entra en ocho países nuevos: Suiza, Austria, Letonia, Marruecos, México, Angola y Nueva Zelanda.
Canaletas wants to take their water cooler to new markets
The manufacturer of industrial water coolers and drinking fountains Canaletas wants to increase this year its exports and enter new markets to offset the economic bad situation in Spain.