Drinking fountains SERIES 6RO

Perfect combination of elegance and practical.

  • For those who require the benefits of a durable drinking fountain with an elegant design.
  • Elegant circular top plate structure with an attractive design.
  • Requires water supply, drainage and electrical connection.
  • Made externally and internally of A-304 stainless steel.
  • Hygienic water jet outlet protection.
  • Easily regulated cold water temperature (thermostat).
  • Furthermore the possibility to drink with cups for the models with cup filler (LV).
  • The installation of a purification filter is recommended for better water quality.



Cold water jet operated by push button.

Cold water jet operated by push button and cup filler (LV).
Cold water from both.
Conform to electrical safety standards
Conform to sanitation standards
Conform to 98/83/EC standard
VOLTAGE 230 V 50 Hz single-phase (A) (Consult other options) 0.9
WATER OUTPUT TEMPERATURE (ºC) (Regulated byt thermostat) 4 - 11
REFRIGERAN GAS (CFC - free) R-134a
WATER TANK CAPACITY (L) (Optional: stainless steel direct chill) 4,5

Model M-6ARO

Model M-6AROLV


An active carbon water filter is recommended in order to obtain optimum water conditions, thanks to the elimination of bad tastes and smells like that of chlorine and small particles or contaminants that can be present in water.


Plastic housing and cartridge C-115.
Maximum pressure 8 Kg. / cm³
½ inch water supply.
Stainless steel housing and cartridge C-115.
High pressure tested, up to 21kg / cm³ (especially with sudden increases in water pressure).
½ inch water supply.

Spare cartridge for filters M-105 y M-115.
This cartridge is specially selected by Canaletas for its drinking fountains, for their high quality and performance because these fountains require a high filtering capacity.
Active carbon block cartridge with 5µm filtration and a working life of more than 22,000 liters of water or approx. 1-year duration.
Combines the functions of a sediment filter, that eliminates the small particles that could be in the water, along with the properties of active carbon for possible bad tastes and smells. The polypropylene pre-filtering layer extends the cartridge life.
Canaletas recommends changing the cartridge of the purification filter once a year, especially before summer, but it could be more often depending on water quality and degree of use.

After Sales Service

Canaletas After Sales Service or an authorized distributor, can offer a complete maintenance of the water cooler including the CANVAP sanitation system.

What is sanitation ?
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About Us
European manufacturer since 1965
Canaletas is a pioneer manufacturer in Europe with over 50 years experience in the design and manufacture of a wide range of drinking fountains, water dispensers and water coolers.
Fullfils standard 98/83/EC:
Quality of water intended human consumption
Spanish water cooler manufacturer Canaletas grew its sales by almost 14% last year, with export sales rising by about 22%.
According to the parameters established by this regulation, several tests have guaranteed that the water dispensers manufactured by Canaletas do not alter the water’s composition. 
An order made from Saudi Arabia prisons has led to the family-owned company to improve the safety of its drinking fountains.
Canaletas, the company manufacturer of drinking fountains and water coolers, located in Barcelona, that exports to five continents, has closed the fiscal year 2013 successfully. The company has seen an increase in its exportation of 22% and also a growth in the turnover of 7%.
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